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Programme Description

Prepare for a rewarding career as an ESL or EFL teacher

Why Study English Teaching

  • English is the most widely taught language in the world and around 2 billion (28%) of the world’s population speak it
  • Earning an internationally recognized English Teaching certification is one of the best ways to combine a rewarding career with travel
  • Gain hands-on teaching experience by planning and delivering practice lessons and observing experienced teachers
  • Develop the skills to teach ESL to children, youth and adult learners at home or around the globe

What Is TESL Canada?

TESL Canada is a national organisation that promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of English as a Second Language across Canada by promoting professional certification standards that are recognized in all provinces. TESL Canada certifications are recognized in Canada and around the world.

What Is Cambridge TKT?

If you want an internationally recognized credential, take one of our Cambridge TKT courses and write the official TKT exam. The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is recognized throughout Europe and is gaining popularity in Central and South America and Asia.

What Is CELTA?

The Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults, or CELTA, is a program developed by Cambridge English. CELTA is widely recognized around the world, and requires entrants to have a native-speaker language ability to take the program.

Teacher Training Programs

TESOL & CELTA Programs

  • Cambridge TESOL Diploma (Vancouver)
  • CELTA (Toronto)
  • Teaching Young Learners Preparation (TYL–P) Certificate (New Delhi)
  • TESOL 130 Certificate (Toronto)
  • TESOL Business Certificate (New Delhi)
  • TESOL Certificate with optional Cambridge University TKT (New Delhi)
  • TESOL Diploma (Canada)
  • TESOL-TKT Certificate (Vancouver)
  • TESOL-TKT Preparation Certificate (Toronto)
  • TKT-Young Learners Certificate (Vancouver)
Last updated January 2018

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