Courses in Cultural History in Krasnoyarsk Russia

For students whose interests stretch across the humanities and social sciences, cultural history is a program of study they may find fulfilling. Topics range from anthropology to literature, though students may choose specific courses to suit their interests.

Krasnoyarsk city is located along the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. The city has a population that is just shy of 1 million people. It is among the chief producers of aluminum in Russia. Krasnoyarsk has over 30 campuses, and around 200 high schools.

Best Course in Cultural History in Krasnoyarsk in Russia

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Traces of a bygone era.Culture of Siberia

Full time
2 weeks

A unique opportunity for foreign students to expand the boundaries of the world, to visit the heart of Russia, to witness the amazing beauty and mystery of Siberia

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