Foundation Year Programs in Mathematics in Asia 2021

Students who are not quite ready to begin an undergraduate degree program may want to take a Foundation Year. This program introduces individuals to a wide variety of subjects and prepares them for a four-year college curriculum.

Mathematical testing often utilizes the time series method of taking measurements in timed succession. With this method, the importance lies in the correlation of measurements taken at two different times. This correlation can then be used in parameter estimation and forecasting of results.

Students who complete a part of their degree in Asia are growing in numbers. Currently, the second and the third biggest economies are in Asia. Without limitation, students have described their time in Asia as the best experience of their lives. Today, three of the four most populated countries of the world are in Asia: China, India, and Indonesia.

Foundation Year Program in Mathematics in Asia

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Foundation Programme

Foundation Year
30 weeks

The International Foundation Programme is a 30-week programme designed for students who wish to study at Middlesex University Dubai but who may not meet the necessary entry re ...

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