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4 Associate Degree Programmes in Paralegal Studies 2024

    Associate Degree Programmes in Paralegal Studies

    Completing an associate degree program might be a way to gain entry into a competitive job market. These degrees often take around two years to complete and are generally available to undergraduate students.

    What is an associate degree in paralegal studies? The purpose of these programs is often twofold. The first is to provide graduates with the general education requirements necessary for an associate degree in the jurisdiction in question. These tend to include topics in writing composition, mathematics, science or the humanities. The second goal is to provide the background of legal knowledge necessary to become an effective legal assistant. To this end, students investigate topics in various areas of law practice, such as legal drafting, criminal law and real property.

    Paralegal studies often lead to improved writing and reading comprehension skills to draft and review legal documents. These tend to be valuable skills in both business and personal matters. An added benefit might be the personal organization skills necessary to succeed in a rigorous paralegal program.

    A paralegal studies program might require an investment in textbooks as well as the tuition costs, which vary between schools. Make sure to ask about all of the potential costs when discussing the program with school officials.

    Paralegals are typically just as important to a law office as the lawyers themselves. Their duties are multitudinous, often including composing memoranda, writing letters, preparing motions, conforming to legal ethics, locating statutes, drafting contracts, assisting in litigation and researching case law. They also might be involved in administrative tasks, especially if working in a small office. Some other positions may include law office manager or administrator, legal clerk, legal secretary and legal assistant.

    The legal profession often has opportunities at many levels. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.