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34 Associate of Arts Programmes in Design Studies 2024



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    Associate of Arts Programmes in Design Studies

    An Associate of Arts is awarded to students after successful completion of a lower-division course of study. The degree is typically conferred by a community or junior college, and most programs can be finished within two years of study.

    What is an Associate of Arts in Design? An Associate of Arts in Design is a program that acquaints students with the various facets and forms of design. There might be specific focuses available, such as graphic design, visual design or commercial design. All of these, however, will focus on the theoretical basis of aesthetics and function. You should learn about creating work that is both attractive and practical. Some of the classes you might take include Introduction to Aesthetics, Design Principles, History of Art, Effective Design and Graphic Art.

    The Associate of Arts in Design will be beneficial to students who have a strong interest in learning about design in its various forms. The principles imparted, such as a creative sense and design skills, will also serve students well.

    The cost of an Associate of Arts in Design is dependent on a number of different factors. You should contact the admissions office at the school you plan to attend for more information.

    A student’s path after earning an Associate of Arts in Design will be determined by what specialty, if any, was selected. In a general sense, the degree may qualify you to take on work in a variety of sectors such as fashion, web design, marketing or commercial design. If your creativity motivates you to seek jobs outside those offered by traditional employers, you might find your abilities are a good match for freelance work, too.

    Some school that offer an Associate of Arts in Design program allow students to study on a part-time or online basis. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.