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愛知産業大学 Department of General Management

Department of General Management

Nishio, Japan

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Apr 2024

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Acquire practical skills that can be used in the field of business

With "how to deal with a complicated society" as the starting point of learning, we will cultivate practical skills that can be used in society by making full use of the four management resources of people, goods, money, and information through "theory, knowledge + experience, experience". I will.

The Faculty of Business Administration is building a network with local companies in order to develop business people who have acquired practical abilities. Currently, there are more than 100 participating companies, ranging from various industries and business types, from large companies to SMEs and NPOs.

Among them, "Management Philosophy Special Lecture" and "Internship" are characteristic. This is a place for practical education for "people who can" and is the first step for each person to grow.

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