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College Of Applied Sciences, Sohar

College Of Applied Sciences, Sohar

College Of Applied Sciences, Sohar


College of Applied Sciences – Sohar is one of the six colleges under the Ministry of Higher Education, established in 1990, and located in the city of Sohar in the Governorate of North Albatinah.

The vision of the colleges lies in playing a vital role in presenting Oman to the world as a developing nation reflected in contributing to the field of applied sciences, and in the development of the knowledge community to what confirms with the Omani cultural norms.

The mission of the college lies in creating and imparting knowledge through collaboration, career guidance, and the intensive cooperation with students, the local community and the labour market in order to create the supportive environment that would reflect in the development of Oman in the global arena.

The college grants bachelor’s degrees in engineering, in the following minors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. The college also grants bachelor’s degrees in information technology, in the following minors: Software Development, Database Management, Networking, and Security.

The dean of the college undertakes managing the academic, administrative and financial responsibilities in the college to what parallels and confirms with the basic laws and regulations of the colleges and what is indicated therein, and he is assisted in carrying out the mission by the two deputy deans.


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