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European Bartender School Advanced Bartending Course
European Bartender School

Advanced Bartending Course

10 Days

English, Spanish, French

Full time

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GBP 1,100 / per course *


* Course only: £1,100.00; Course & Accommodation: £1,410.00


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If you already have some bartending experience and want to take your skills to the next level, The Advanced Bartending Course is for you.

This globally-recognised course includes 10 days of intensive training with expert instructors, who will help take your skills from good to outstanding.

Learn all about molecular mixology, cocktail presentation, cocktail families, and much more. This in-depth, hands-on course is designed to radically enhance the skills and knowledge of experienced bartenders.

What’s more, you’ll have free lifelong access to EBS MatchStaff after you graduate, which puts you first-in-line for the industry’s best job opportunities, all over the world.

Become a more knowledgeable, confident, and skillful bartender

Seminars from industry experts

Once or twice a week, you’ll attend seminars by industry experts and get the chance to discuss particular spirits in detail such as cognac, gin, rum, and tequila. Each seminar you’ll delve into the history of the spirit and even take part in a creation session, where you’ll make and try some classic drinks.

Learn the art of ice carving

Uncover the limitless possibilities of ice. You’ll find out how to use ice to change the dynamics of a drink, the importance of the type and shape, and the overall importance of ice. You’ll also discover how to transform a block of ice into a piece of art, learning to carve an ice diamond and an ice sphere by hand. You’ll even get to grips with a simple, yet impressive piece of equipment that produces perfectly formed balls of ice.

Craft impressive products

Get hands-on with advanced garnishing and product creation. You’ll learn how to craft syrups, cordials, foams, bitters, and other intricate ingredients.


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