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Länsirannikon koulutus Oy WinNova

Länsirannikon koulutus Oy WinNova

Länsirannikon koulutus Oy WinNova


Länsirannikon koulutus Oy WinNova, Pori & Rauma, Finland

Pori is a dynamic coastal city. Its riverside promenade offers not only picturesque views but also a vibrant hub for community engagement and cultural events throughout the year. With a diverse range of festivals and exhibitions, Pori promises an enriching cultural experience for any discerning student.

Rauma presents a captivating blend of history and heritage. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this charming town showcases meticulously preserved wooden architecture, evoking a sense of timeless beauty. Within its cobbled streets lie quaint cafes, bustling markets, and a tight-knit community, fostering an environment conducive to academic growth and personal enrichment.

Both Pori and Rauma offer unique opportunities for academic excellence and cultural immersion, ensuring a fulfilling educational experience.

Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova is a secondary vocational education provider (VET) for people of all ages, in or out of working life. Our qualifications correspond to EQF levels 4-5.

WinNova offers a wide variety of educational services, vocational and professional qualifications, and short-term courses for different types of customers in Finnish. We work in close and long-term cooperation with companies and the public sector.

WinNova has 5000 students and c. 600 staff members (12/2023). There are c. 500 students with 50 different mother tongues are studying in WinNova in various programs in Finnish.

International Opportunities at WinNova

WinNova is involved in several EU-funded projects. These projects lead to new pedagogical methodologies and learning environment innovations as well as pedagogical competence.

Staff mobility and projects expand the international knowledge and competencies of all our employees. There are approximately 100 staff members and different specialists that annually come in and go out on exchange.

Erasmus+ mobility grants enable students to go abroad for internships. It is a great way to improve the skills and competence to successfully manage in the global world and multicultural working environments. There are approximately 200 students that annually come in and go out on exchange.

WinNova has been awarded Erasmus+ accreditation (2021 – 2027) by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Erasmus+ accreditation means a quality-assured “ Erasmus+ membership&rdquo. Accredited organizations have demonstrated the long-term nature of their activities and committed themselves to comply with the quality standards of the Erasmus+ program.


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • High school graduation is required
  • Completion of specific prerequisite education related to the chosen program is necessary
  • Social and Health care programs necessitate a police clearance certificate
  • Adequate English proficiency is needed to enroll in the preparatory online language course conducted in English
  • Non-EU applicants are accepted


  • Pori

    Tiedepuisto 3, 28600, Pori

  • Rauma

    Suojantie 2, 28600, Rauma