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Rubika is a vocational school in 5 years, which delivers 3 degrees of level 1 (RNCP), specialized in animation, gaming and industrial design.

Since its creation in 1987 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Grand Hainaut, the school is distinguished by the introduction of an innovative and pioneering teaching based on the realization of projects and teamwork.

This pedagogy has allowed our 3 sectors (Supinfocom Rubika, Supinfogame Rubika and Rubika ISD) to become the global reference training in the Animation Industry, Video and Design Thurs.

The training consists in two steps:

  • The Bachelor program, dedicated to the acquisition of basic, developing creative techniques and mastery of tools for projects. These skills related to teamwork provide students a privileged place within a production team.
  • Experts cycles that train future experts of a profession and guarantee them the necessary skills in project management. This training places our students at the highest management level.

It is the aim to make our students the skills that will change the world of tomorrow that we get down to open and enrich the school today!



  • Valenciennes

    2 rue Peclet 59300 Valenciennes, , Valenciennes