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Scientific College of Design

Scientific College of Design

Scientific College of Design


The Scientific College of Design is a private art and design institution of higher learning located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Established by a Ministerial Decree and regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education, the college officially instigated its academic programs and services in October 2004. The college is governed by a board of trustees, guided by the Directorate General of Private Universities and Colleges.

The Scientific College of Design is established upon the firm belief in and strong advocacy of the role of the arts as an integral part of our social consciousness, as an agent of progressive change, and as a powerful catalyst in moulding the thoughts and actions of our national and global communities.

The college founders uphold the philosophy that design is both an art and a science whereby to create art is to engage in design and that meaningful design is based upon a scientific foundation. As such, the college is rooted in the enduring value of a holistic education that endorses a liberal arts and sciences model of higher education and balances formal design study with a broad exposure to humanities, literature, and the social sciences. The Scientific College of Design is founded upon the principle of academic excellence and cutting-edge creativity in art and design benchmarked against the dual criteria of international currency and local relevance.


  • Muscat

    Muscat, Oman