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Totino-Grace High School

Totino-Grace High School

Totino-Grace High School


About Us

Inspiring Minds. Touching Hearts.

Totino-Grace is more than just a high school. Totino-Grace is a student's best preparation for life: inspiring and faith-filled, rigorous and engaging, creative and collaborative — a school where each student will develop confidence in themselves and their futures.

Totino-Grace’s Board of Directors, administration, teachers, and staff members are talented and caring individuals who are dedicated to supporting students' future preparation and success. We have the honor of working on behalf of kids every day, and we take that responsibility seriously.


While providing superior education, Totino-Grace faculty and staff members faithfully and consistently affirm and uphold the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church. We welcome, love, and know each student entrusted to our care and model dignity and respect for each other and for Church teachings.

Totino-Grace’s Catholic, Lasallian heritage introduces students to a way of life that provides rigorous academic inquiry, nurtures a concern for the less fortunate, and, most importantly, builds a personal relationship with God. Totino-Grace students are part of a school community that helps students foster a quest to attain their personal best.

We are grateful to our dedicated staff, hardworking students, and benefactors, and are proud to partner with parents and guardians during their student's high school journey. Visit our website to learn more!


Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

Totino-Grace is an Archdiocesan co-educational Catholic high school in the Lasallian tradition. Welcoming a student body that is academically, economically, and culturally diverse, we strive for equity and excellence in all programs. Recognizing the key elements of our mission as learning, faith, community, and service, we seek to provide a safe environment that places a priority on mutual respect, self-discipline, and acknowledgment of our responsibility in the world community.


Vision Statement

Totino-Grace is an innovative, vibrant Catholic Lasallian high school known for academic rigor and relevance. Enriching student-teacher relationships and dynamic experiential learning opportunities inspire all students to reach their academic, faith, and personal goals. Financial stability and vitality ensure accessibility and transformative success for our students and school community.


Core Values


  • Every student has inherent, immeasurable worth and is a child of God.
  • Participating in a deep and meaningful sense of community inspires students to know God, love God, and live God.


  • Every student has the capacity and desire to learn.
  • Fostering personalized experiences so each student feels valued, inspired, and a sense of belonging.
  • Providing innovative and rigorous learning opportunities that ignite learning.
  • Experiential learning opportunities.
  • Engaging students in collaborative and creative experiences focusing on solving real problems.
  • Designing collaborative staff development that is grounded in data and best practices.
  • Maximizing the school’s resources and providing affordable tuition.



  • In the importance of creating a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment.
  • Diversity enriches both the individual and the community.
  • Every student deserves to be treated respectfully.
  • Meaningful relationships between teachers and students strongly impact whole student development, resulting in greater student self-confidence, motivation, and achievement.
  • Partnering with parents and other community members, so all voices can be heard as we work together to create a school that inspires every student.


  • Students should experience what it feels like to serve others.
  • Students should be provided with an array of experiences to become active and responsible participants in their school, local, and global communities.
  • Developing a sense of responsibility and respect for oneself, others, and the community in order to work and live as dynamic citizens.



Let us introduce you to our community -- a community committed to educating the whole child, inspiring academic, social, and spiritual growth. One that is blessed with a dedicated staff and a broad range of distinctive programs, personalized experiences, and rigorous learning opportunities compatible with your student's individual needs and interest.

Explore our website for valuable information about our school community.

Browse our videos to hear Totino-Grace students, parents, and alumni share what makes us unique and sets us apart from other school communities in the Twin Cities.

You will soon learn how Totino-Grace propels students toward achievement in academics and beyond!


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