Instituto Universitario de La Paz


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The Instituto Universitario de La Paz is a University Institution, in accordance with the provisions of literal b of article 16 of Law 30 of 1992, created by ordinance decree 0331 of November 19, 1987. It is a public higher education establishment, academic, departmental, with legal status, administrative autonomy and independent assets, attached to the Government of the Department of Santander and with its main address in the city of Barrancabermeja.

The Instituto Universitario de La Paz is a public institution of higher education with social leadership and regional identity, committed to the search for customer satisfaction and the comprehensive training of its students, based on the quality of its processes, adequate infrastructure, human talent competent and continuous improvement as a philosophy for excellence, it aims for the training of professionals committed to the development of the region and the country in various scenarios, contributing from the socialization of knowledge to the gradual formation of a new culture in a context of deep contrasts: a region of great natural and human wealth with most of its population in deplorable conditions of poverty; a region of Magdalena Medio with communities that face levels of violence higher than those of the entire country.



Barrancabermeja, Santander, Colombia

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