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School Description

Gastronomy offers a wide array of professions, and all students who want to direct their studies towards the culinary arts, or want to build on their existing knowledge alongside exceptional mentors with a wealth of work experience and theoretical knowledge are welcome at Kul IN. Kul IN intends to give students a wide array of culinary knowledge, the food industry, and gastronomy. To ensure that our students have perfected all the necessary skills for working in a quality restaurant, we begin by covering important foundations that all students, regardless of their educational background, need to pass. As part of this program, students learn about thermal and mechanical food processing, recognizing quality ingredients, coupling seasonings with ingredients, creating quality restaurant menus, arranging and serving dishes, professional cooking standards, food storage, food portions, and the history of gastronomy.


Kul IN’s goal is to develop an educational center with a focus on creativity, research, and the promotion of modern cuisine and culinary technologies. Through the education of professional cooks, confectioners, and professionals in other branches of gastronomy. We are building an Institute which is a unique place for chefs, restaurant owners, managers, and culinary media to train and refresh their knowledge, and to learn about what is new in the world of food, drinks, and desserts.

International Certificates

In order to offer our students a complete experience when studying Italian gastronomy and cuisine, we’ve created joint programs with the world-renowned culinary school ALMA, La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana.
Culinary Institute Kul IN and ALMA La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana have successfully developed two joint programs: “Professional Cook of Italian Cuisine” and “Professional Pastry Chef of Italian Desserts.” Through intensive and dynamic studies, which take place partly in Sisak and partly in Colorno, Italy, students have the opportunity to gain invaluable international experience and become truly immersed in the culture that has shaped this world famous cuisine. In addition to hours of hands-on training, field trips, and practicums, students will also be assigned a several-month-long internship where they will gain experience working in elite restaurants and pastry shops. Networking opportunities are endless and open doors to potential jobs as students prove themselves as capable cooks in the real world of high-end gastronomy.



Capraska ulica 12

44010 Sisak, Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia

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