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The EIVP, a school of excellence

The EIVP is part of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, a network representing business and engineering schools training their students towards excellence. Through an independently-established curriculum, they aim at providing education in close cooperation with the business community and open at an international level. The engineering schools deliver state-recognized diplomas accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur – an independent body evaluating higher education institutions in engineering. After two years of preparatory classes, students can enter the EIVP after passing competitive examinations.

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Located at the heart of Paris since 1959, the EIVP is the only institution in France that delivers an engineering diploma in the sought-after domain of Urban Engineering – a degree chartered by the CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs).

Through a curriculum addressing various technical fields, the EIVP offers a broad education within its speciality.

Initial Training

Several diplomas can be acquired at the EIVP through initial training programs:

  • Master’s Degree in Urban Engineering
  • Double-diploma Engineer/Architect
  • Diploma of architecture through the EPSAA
  • Professional Bachelor’s Degree ACPAE

Students can choose to specialize during their studies:

  • With exchange periods in partner schools
  • Through double-degrees (with partner schools in France or abroad)

Continuous education

Professionals willing to acquire additional qualifications or a new diploma can attend classes as well.

  • Professional Bachelor’s Degree ACPAE
  • The diploma DAUCEQ
  • Specialized Master’s Degrees:
    • Integrated Urban Systems
  • VAE (Validation of Prior Experience)

A School with international experience

The EIVP constantly emphasizes the importance of having an international experience and has developed a consistent international strategy. Among other programs, the EIVP is involved in Erasmus + and BRAFITEC, as well as being a member of the n+i network. Some students’ associations at the EIVP also conduct missions abroad.

Partnerships with foreign institutions offer students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at the university and country of their choice or even to acquire a dual degree. Many students also choose to carry out their internships abroad.

A yearly forum in October and an annual international business event in December allow companies to fully take part in the EIVP international strategy, and enable them to network and find future talents to hire, while an international seminar offers the EIVP international students a global insight in current urban engineering trends.


Striving to train engineers who will reinvent cities, the EIVP collaborate with other organizations in order to carry out applied research regarding the technical and environmental aspects of urban planning and maintenance. These may be international projects or in partnership with the French government, with urban and services companies, universities or local governments.

The EIVP hosts a research team composed of lecturers, researchers, PhD students and research-engineers whose research topics concern 3 main fields:

  • Urban resilience
  • City energy and urban climate
  • Urban development and public space

Students interested in innovation and research may participate during their 2nd or 3rd-year internship, or they may carry out a company-sponsored PhD. A Master’s degree in research is available to 3rd-year students in partnership with Marne-la-Vallée.

The EIVP is a member of COMUE Université Paris Est and ADVANCITY, and a partner of the Ecole Ponts Paris Tech.

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Corporate Relations

Through numerous events, all year round, such as the Summer University or the Business Forum, companies involved in urban engineering are invited to take part in the life of the EIVP and its students.

Study and site visits in the course of their studies allow students to meet professionals, as well as during lectures at the school. The future engineers acquire professional experience through internships from their 1st year, in France or abroad.

Thanks to the alumni network, students have a direct connection to graduate engineers and get advice from professionals.

After graduation

An urban engineer deals with all the domains related to the conception, construction and management of cities, with constant attention to sustainable development.

One of the specificities of an EIVP engineer is his or her capacity to understand projects on a global level, while still being able to apply his or her capacities as an engineer.

A lot of graduates decide to work abroad for local or French companies established in foreign countries. Their knowledge acquired at the EIVP allows them to successfully implement engineering projects all over the world.

3 primary sectors hire engineers with degrees from the EIVP:

  • Construction companies
  • Engineering and urban planning consulting firms
  • Local governments and associated establishments



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