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As a share of the Technology Institute of Valencia, and inside the University Grenoble-Alpes, the certificate of Tourism, French art of living in the Rhône Valley, is the first in His kind, mixing Tourism management, wine studies, gastronomy and the discovery of a very specific way of life.

The IUT in figures

Since the first department in 1973, the division has continued to develop and open training by integrating into the LMD reform to accommodate students.

In 2013 over 1200 registered students

(75% in DUT are Drôme or Ardèche)

Student Success:

90% by DUT 94% Degree Pro

2012 699 diplomas whose :

343 DUT and 46 OF 209 degrees Professional Licenses 101 Bachelors degrees (L3)

900 internships and 400 tutored projects in enterprises, foster links and contact with business partners.

An adapted pedagogy

The engineering of formation and growth of the Technology Center of the IUT, through the opening of new professional courses, are the guarantee of a dynamic university serving students and their employability.

It is favored by internships and tutored projects, through the intervention of 60 full-time teachers, including 30 research professors and by the presence of many professionals in training. The small group work represents 75% of lessons. Heads of departments, managers of training and their teams are the hosts of this neighborhood policy.

Means the teaching service

The division's infrastructure covers 9,800 m2. Students benefit from specialized classrooms in computers, networks and telecommunication, language and multimedia laboratories, with video equipment, a Computer Resource Center and library.

The technology platform is a host structure for internships and educational innovations linked to industrial.

The center of life (300 m2) is a place of exchanges and conviviality for students and cluster partners.


European exchanges (for students): Spain, England, Ireland ...
Partnership within UPMF with the creation of the Pole Management (network-ESA IAE Grenoble, IUP Commerce sales IUP Management and Business Management, IUT IUT of Grenoble and Valence) with the support of CERAG
Partnership with the University of Suze-la-Rousse Wine
Collaboration on EDP (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Process of) CERAG
IUT teacher participation in LCIS Laboratory INPG
The IUT is CISCO partner as Regional academy


A recognized quality and popular with businesses for over 40 years!

+ 1 million graduates since the creation of the IUT and already 40,000 professional degree graduates
96% of executives believe that IUT training is good training (FIFG 2003)
75% of young graduates who wish to integrate professional life directly find a job within 6 months
A training program in 25 specialties, covering all fields of activities of secondary and tertiary areas

A constant concern of being in tune with reality

The permanent updating of teaching programs in collaboration with professionals
Innovative teaching
The creation of new degrees (professional licenses, university diplomas) in response to the emergence of new professions

Diversified services and facing professional circles

Training young university graduates professionalized: DUT, professional licenses, university diplomas
Training: Old Mission IUT characterized by their responsiveness and ability to adapt to business demands: assistance in defining training needs, implementation of actions to support the adaptation or evolution of q qualifications enterprise employees
Validation of learning and experience and enhancement of individual careers
Service provision and technology transfer
expertise and advice in business
helps business creation

A culture of partnership with business

Internship realization and tutored projects by students
Participation of professionals in the design of educational programs and teaching
sandwich courses of development, framed by a double IUT / tutoring company

A national competence network

115 IUT spread all over the territory
A dense network, promoting higher education to close while ensuring national consistency
strongly anchored in their local and regional economic environment institutes



IUT de Valence
51, rue Barthélémy de Laffemas
BP 29 - 26901

Valence, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France