Founded in 1990 by professional photographers Studio M rapidly diversified its courses into the areas of Art, Media, Photography, and Sound and became one of France's premier schools for the arts because of its large range of professional courses. The school grew rapidly over several years and opened up several campuses in France's top university towns including Lyon in 2003 and Toulouse in 2007. Today Studio M is an international group of art schools around the world including a campus in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

In 2011, Studio M launched a new international campus in Montpellier called Studio M Academy to welcome English speaking students from around the world seeking to learn the arts in France.


The courses that Studio M offer have a specific objective: To give students professional and high-quality training that makes them attractive to employers after they complete their studies, with the most relevant knowledge based on their specialization.


Studio M has become a leader in France in the visual arts industry and offers professional courses in the following domains:

  • Arts Foundation Course
  • Visual Communication
  • Spatial Design
  • Product Design
  • Photography
  • Sound Design

Courses at Studio M in the arts, sound design, photography, and media, will give our students the capability of bringing exceptional value to creative solutions aligned with their own inner-passion to be fully prepared to work in a professional environment.


Studio M understands the importance of providing diplomas and degrees that are internationally recognized and offers accredited diplomas by the European Federation of Schools in the following areas:

  • Bachelor of Arts - 3D Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts - Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Arts - Design

The art school of Studio M also offers ex-students an online resource to connect them to a variety of loyal partners and companies where exchanges are made regularly. (currently only available in French)

Programmes taught in:
  • English
  • French
  • Chinese

This school also offers:

Foundation Year

Studio M Academy

The arts foundation course allows students to gain experience in art, sound, media, and photography while building French language skills and a comprehensive portfolio of ... [+]

Gap Year - Arts Foundation Course

Studio M Academy is now offering an Arts Foundation Course - an opportunity to spend one semester or the entire academic year learning the arts in the south of France. This program is taught entirely in English with weekly French language classes.

Overview: The Arts Foundation Course introduces students to various fields such as interior design, visual communication, multimedia, and fashion design. Students can complete one semester or an entire academic year. Upon completion of the year-long program, students can continue to an Applied Arts degree and will have a portfolio of work to show to other schools.

Setting: With 300 days of sunshine per year, Montpellier is the perfect place to enjoy Mediterranean beaches, outdoor cafés, and daily markets in the south of France. Home to 80,000 students, Montpellier is one of the best cities to meet young people from all over the world. Hop on a tram to head to the beach, try climbing the famous Pic St. Loup, or get lost in the medieval streets in the city center.... [-]

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