Hermannsen Concept


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Your success is our focus!

  • Small groups = maximum learning success!
  • Coaching elements included!
  • Experienced trainers from practice with modern teaching methods!
  • 100% practical know-how and learning transfer in your personal work routine!
  • All seminars are held here - guaranteed!

Tried-and-tested, targeted and interactive seminars! Business coaching, in-house seminars and modular trainings developed for the individual needs of your company! We are your partner for qualified training in the following areas:

  • Management and business management
  • communication skills
  • Personality development and social competence
  • team development
  • Sales and distribution

Our commitmentYour benefit through a seminar participation:

  • A long-term benefit for the time after the seminar, because we capitalize on "transfer management".
  • You refresh your knowledge and optimize it.
  • They benefit from the experience of others.
  • They make contacts with like-minded people.
  • They take time to think productively about current developments.
  • You will receive an understandable presentation from the practice.
  • Each seminar has a high experience, result and success value.
We feel obliged:
  • to provide practical and understandable explanations.
  • to respond to the wishes and suggestions of our participants.
  • to provide a relaxed and productive working atmosphere.
  • to put the participants in the center of their expectations.
  • to encourage each participant to activity and new life experiences.
  • Responsible and positive to each participant.
  • to put the immediate applicability, ie the practical relevance in the center.
How do we see our seminar work? What is important to you?
  • The seminars offered by us are subject to constant control. They are regularly adapted to new, or more developed, insights. This is how we ensure the timeliness of the content.
  • Our seminars are intensely practice-oriented.
  • We comply with the wishes and needs of the seminar participant.
  • The seminar content can be adapted dynamically to specific participant requests during the training.
  • In each seminar intensive role-playing games are performed in front of the camera. The learning effect for the participants is much more intense and longer lasting.
  • Each participant receives in the seminar an intensive feedback from the trainer and other participants to his person. The basic rules for successful feedback are of course taken into account.
  • The role-plays in front of the camera can be "replayed" at the request of the participant from his individual practice.
  • The trainer gets involved in dialogue games. So different characters can be credibly re-enacted. The participant thus gets the opportunity to get involved in multi-faceted types.
  • Each participant can, no participant must participate in role plays.
  • We ensure that every participant leaves home feeling positive at the end of the seminar.
  • We develop learning transfer strategies together with the participants so that the learning effect and the sensitivity from the seminar lasts longer.

The team

The company "Hermannsen-Concept" is aimed at people who want to develop professionally and personally. Your personal success as well as that of your company is always in the center of attention for us!

In addition to our current offer of our freely available "open seminars", Hermannsen-Concept also develops business coaching and in-house seminars as well as modular training courses according to your individual needs and in close cooperation with you.

The owner of the company is Uwe Hermannsen, who has been working as a trainer, coach and speaker in human resources development for more than 25 years. "Hermannsen-Concept" works with independent coaches and trainers who offer different topics about us. They all have many years of professional experience, practical orientation and appropriate training.

In addition, we cooperate with an event agency, with whom we and the respective client develop special seminar and event combinations. These include, for example, the "special seminars for executives in Mallorca" or the "executive training on the sailing ship" of our partner. We are happy to implement your ideas or ideas.



48159 Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany