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The JulAcademy Institute of Higher Education specializes in the study of Modern Music, is the exclusive exam center for Calabria LCM and RGT, the singing courses and instrument, dance and musical theater, are certified directly by the University of West London and administered by London College of Music Examinations with the issuance of certificates and diplomas with EQF training credits.

Our courses follow innovative methodologies, using educational programs borrowed from international realities, paying special attention to music courses for children with specialized teachers. We work to provide the best career opportunities and training for future professionals in the music industry.

Our reality is a good point of reference for those who want to deepen the study of music in order to undertake the musical career and teaching of modern music:

  1. Personalized learning and teaching method
  2. Accurate choice of faculty
  3. Didactic Method JUL4: 19
  4. Elearning platform for distance learning
  5. Provision of teaching material
  6. Double JUL and International JUI Certification training issued by the University of West London with the issuance of international diplomas
  7. University of West London examiners validating the training course
  8. Possibility to continue studying at the University of West London with a £ 3000 scholarship
  9. Creative and stimulating studio environment
  10. Recognition and partnership with the University of West London and PPA
  11. Professional recording studio on HD2 protools
  12. Yearly essay with professional outfits
  13. Promotional video for the best students
  14. Production and distribution discography on specialized platforms
  15. Master degree with national and international staff

Our teachers

Choosing to excel at JulAcademy can be sure to be followed by some of the best teachers and professionals who, in addition to specialization, have obtained the international titles of the University of West London. The quality of teaching is fundamental to learning.

JUL Academy teachers have a unique mix of professional experience and knowledge of the subjects taught. With a personalized training method, with small classes the training will be geared towards developing skills and competences up to the Bachelor course (three-year degree course).



Via Sandro Botticelli 11,
87036 Rende, Calabria, Italy

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