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The TOChina Hub is an integrated knowledge hub established to engage China not merely as a field of research, but as an indispensable partner in the education of future generations of cosmopolitan citizens and competent professionals.

The University of Torino has developed the TOChina Hub in cooperation with ESCP Europe (Torino campus) and the Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai) to promote an innovative model of academic cooperation with select Chinese partners.

Joint research agendas, dynamic programs for cross-cultural training and students mobility, and fresh channels for relevant people-to-people exchanges have been established with Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Zhejiang University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

The TOChina Hub aims to join the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Italy-China diplomatic relations in 2020 through an ambitious platform that will serve to support life-long learning on China as well as on the transformative dynamics of its Belt and Road Initiative.

Supported by two of Italy’s largest banking foundations – Compagnia di San Paolo, through its International Affairs program, and Fondazione CRT –, as well as by the Torino Chamber of Commerce, the TOChina Hub works to provide theory-informed knowledge, policy-relevant insights and practical know-how on China’s morphing identities, socio-economic structures, institutions, and policies.



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