AIS Flight Academy


Why AIS Flight Academy?

AIS Flight Academy strives for the highest level of education and training according to European standards by providing you:

  • Many years of experience in training pilots worldwide
  • Training completed in approximately 22 months
  • Theoretical and practical training done within our Flight Academy
  • Financial fund available (Dutch or Belgium national only)
  • Complete training in Europe
  • Intensive guidance and coaching of students during training
  • Usage of advanced study materials
  • Free visa support for international students
  • Accommodation available
  • Exam training provided
  • Classroom-based training during ground school
  • Modern FNPT II and Boing 737 level D simulators
  • Own technical maintenance division
  • Cadet scheme with AIS Airlines (European Union work permit required)

AIS Airlines

AIS Airlines is a regional airline based at Lelystad Airport. We provide flexible service for customers looking for Wet Lease, full charter capacity and scheduled flights throughout Europe. With our fleet consisting of 10 BAe Jetstream 32 turbo-props we are the biggest regional carrier in Scandinavia and also operate in Germany, Switzerland, and Croatia. We have plans to expand our fleet by adding a Boeing 737 aircraft within 2 years and introduce more routes. All First Officers are recruited from AIS Flight Academy.

Example of charter flights:

  • Golf day in the UK
  • Sports event in Germany
  • Wine tasting in France


  • Bremen – Zürich
  • Münster/Osnabrück – Stuttgart
  • Ostersund – Umeå
  • Borlänge – Örebro – Malmö
  • Borlange – Göteborg
  • Torsby – Hagfors – Stockholm
  • Sveg – Mora – Stockholm

AIS Technics

AIS Technics takes care of all the maintenance of AIS Flight Academy and AIS Airlines. The facilities are based at Lelystad and cover a great area of work. Due to the facilities, AIS Technics can offer excellent and efficient service to other companies within the AIS Group. AIS Technics can also provide maintenance for 3rd parties for many aircraft types.


Netherlands Online

AIS Flight Academy

AIS Flight Academy
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