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Kazan Innovative University named after V. G. Timiryasov (IEML) was founded in 1994 and now is the largest private higher educational institution in the Republic of Tatarstan and the entire Volga region. Its founder, Dr. Vitaliy Timiryasov, one of the alumni of Kazan and Moscow Universities, laid the best traditions of classical university education in the foundation of a new school.

The University is among 100 best Russian higher educational institutions and 5 top best private universities of Russia, it has the official “European quality” golden medal for implementation of the “Management of Quality” system (ISO 9001:2008).

Since 2010 the teachers of the University annually become winners of the competitions: "Best Innovation Lecture" and "The best university teacher."

Kazan Innovative University named after V. G. Timiryasov (IEML) was the first educational institution in the Republic of Tatarstan which has created an integrated network of communications between departments and branches of the Institute. This network is built on Cisco Systems equipment and equipment for video conferencing “Tandberg”. Its combination with fiber-optic networks and the university's own innovative software development “Idis Education” allowed to optimize the management of educational processes at the University and transfer it to a totally new level.

Kazan Innovative University named after V. G. Timiryasov (IEML) is the leading higher educational institution in the Scientific and Educational Cluster in Trade, Hospitality Industry, and Services in the Republic of Tatarstan.


  • Meeting the needs of individuals, society and the state to obtain knowledge on the basis of continuing education that meets modern requirements for innovative development and modernization of education and science.
  • Training competent and competitive professionals of new formation able to develop science, business, to make effective decisions and conduct specific research that is consistent with national standing and benefit.
  • Creating necessary conditions for implementation and effective use of innovative educational technologies and scientific results.
  • Educating professionally competent, socially active and socially responsible persons.



г. Казань, ул. Московская, 42
Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

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