The best training model for students and professionals

At CESTE, the International School of Business, we offer you a different way to learn.

For university level students: undergraduate and graduate degrees belonging to the world’s best educational model: the British.

For professionals and executives: important prestigious certifications, executive programmes and coaching services to help you overcome the next challenge of your professional career.


At CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios, we offer you a different kind of educational model. For university students: official undergraduate and Master’s degrees framed by the best educational model in the world—the British. For professionals and executives: important and prestigious certifications, executive programmes and coaching services for you to overcome the next challenge in your professional career.

Our specialty areas

Banking and Finance

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Administration and Business Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

Online Campus

Our online campus is designed to facilitate the learning of our students, making available the necessary means to train themselves: interactive multimedia content, discussion groups, complementary materials and resources, live virtual classes, recorded webinars, and self-assessment exercises.

The Ceste Online learning model is based on a strategic combination of self-learning, guided learning, social and collaborative learning, and respecting the rhythm of each student. We have a team of expert instructors that accompany students throughout the entire process, encouraging the exchange of knowledge between the student community. We offer quality and multi-device training, at the time and place where the student is available. / Pexels

Mission, Vision and Values


Students are the focal point of our work and the reason for our being.

To educate and train individuals with an entrepreneurial vocation, who are competent in the face of the challenges of digitalization, are in service to society, have integrity, and are supportive who are capable of creating value in their companies, organizations, and communities.

To develop learning experiences with innovative methods and with a focus on practical teaching in content, skills, and competencies, which allow for personal and professional development.

We work ensuring and improving the quality of our training and learn from the best, in order to facilitate the employability of our students, with them being the centre of their own learning process.


Innovating methodologies and committed to the future.

We want our contribution to education, which is innovative and permanently in contrast with real-life demands, to provide companies and professionals in Aragón, as well as all of the territories and countries that we can reach with our programmes, with greater development and prospects for economic and social growth.

As a university centre, we understand that our contribution has to reach not only young people but also the professionals who find, in us, a call to continue learning and inspiring themselves in their professional possibilities.

Values and culture

Our values and policies centre around the development of our student body, their role in their own learning process in both content and competencies, and our focus on the environment in which we work, just like our Mission and Vision.

In summary, taking into account the contributions from our contacts at the UWTSD (University of Wales Trinity St. David), through:

  • Collaboration and the establishment of a series of strategic relations at the regional, national, and international levels. This type of network has the potential to inspire our students, staff, and partners to create new future learning.
  • Inclusion by putting students first and maintaining continuous learning without barriers. We support students from all backgrounds and at every point during their education. We accept second chances and the process of professional reinvention.
  • Employability and creativity, taking advantage of entrepreneurship, research, creative and entrepreneurial skills of our students, offering educational programmes that allow the greatest possible opportunity for gaining employment and developing transferable skills.
  • Sustainable development through a focus based on a system that offers significant and relevant educational paths and that promotes social responsibility and learning.
  • The commitment to collaborate in the development of the territories in which we work, with special reference to Aragón, attending to the developmental needs and strengthening the strong points, and committing everyone to it.
  • The concept of Global Citizenship through the development of other multinational activities and opportunities for our students, staff, and partners.
  • With the help of our academic partners, the development of research and its social impact, in accordance with their goals.

We are a University Centre which:

  • Adds value to the learning experience through a system which combines traditional higher education with professional and academic vocational research activities with academic rigour and oriented towards a practical application;
  • Offers a well-defined curriculum of both undergraduate and graduate degrees, with distinctive attributes in the fields of employment, business, sustainable education and global citizenship;
  • Is dedicated to appreciating the potential of each and every student at the individual level and to support them through every step of their education;
  • Is a pioneer for new approaches to on-the-job training and professional practices which improve the skills of workers and the business itself; and
  • Is committed to every aspect of sustainable development.
Programmes taught in:
  • Spanish

This school also offers:

CESTE Business School

The course has been designed to complement and deepen the previous education and experience of professionals who, in various areas, advise and manage personal estates. Th ... [+]

Program accredited by the EFPA (European Financial Planning Association) as a preparation for the EFA (European Financial Advisor) certification exam. With this, you will be able to demonstrate your worth and perform professionally at the highest level of the banking and advising field which grows the most in developed countries. This program contains a module of our Official Master’s in Banking and Finance (MBF) which can be studied independently.

The course has been designed to complement and deepen the previous education and experience of professionals who, in various areas, advise and manage personal estates. The basic aim is to teach the technical abilities, assessment, judgment, and advising necessary to optimize relationships with clients. The course provides the theoretical understanding and necessary practice to respond to the present and future needs of the client’s estate management, and to improve the quality and profitability of the services provided by the entity.... [-]

Spain Zaragoza
December 2019
English,Spanish (Spain)
Full time
4 months
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CESTE Business School

The course is structured into a series of modules led by prestigious facilitators, in which both the fundamentals and the latest trends in business management are reviewe ... [+]

The Senior Business Management Course (Curso de Alta Dirección de Empresas, in Spanish) is a management development program with an average length of 120 hours, structured into intensive sessions energized by professional experts and aimed at directors with responsibility and authority over businesses, or fundamental parts of the same, who wish to catch up on the latest business management practices and implement them in practical ways.

The course is structured into a series of modules led by prestigious facilitators, in which both the fundamentals and the latest trends in business management are reviewed.

Specifically, the course addresses:

Strategic business planning. Managing organizational change. Financial management. Management control. Marketing. Segmentation and customer relations/satisfaction. Human Resources Management. Who is this for? ... [-]
Spain Zaragoza
October 2019
Full time
120 hours
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Experiencia Alumni CESTE 2018 - Borja Adiego

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