University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia emerged from a regional and citizens’ initiative to continue with a university tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia is a public university under private management. It provides a public service in the areas of teaching, research and knowledge transfer in its fields of expertise.

Its mission is to develop knowledge and innovation to serve the region, and it has a distinctive international vocation. It focuses on students and their all-around training and instills the values of individual creativity, professional rigor and social commitment. The UVic-UCC is closely associated with the local environment and the cultural, social and economic progress of Catalonia.


Training model

The training model at University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia ensures full personal growth and professional development of students, who are supported throughout their training and provided with personalized teaching. Training is organized through teamwork between teaching staff and all other areas of the university community.

Multilingual education

UVic considers multilingual training key for student and staff mobility, and the study of languages and culture an excellent way to gain a wider awareness of today’s world. Therefore, all undergraduate degrees include a number of courses in English for professional purposes.

Research activity

Twenty-five research groups, sixteen of which are recognized by the Catalan government, and eleven research chairs carry forward UVic-UCC research activity with the clear aim of generating knowledge and transferring it to society.


International profile

UVic-UCC has exchange agreements with universities and institutions in forty countries all over the world and makes an effort to ensure that International students at UVic-UCC feel at home, and the small size of the university means more opportunities for student-staff interaction, promoting study and personal development. UVic-UCC meets the needs of international students through the International Relations Unit and Student Services.

The UVic-UCC International Campus is an umbrella organisation for UVic-UCC activities aimed at an International public: providing mobility and Exchange programmes, continuing education and international cooperation projects.

Besides, it also offers Study Abroad programmes in Barcelona, intensive academic Summer Programmes combined with cultural and social activities, and Tailored courses for institutions.

Social and professional integration

UVic-UCC adopts a practical teaching approach, is open and responsive to the changing needs of society, and takes an active role in ensuring satisfactory professional placement (in Spanish) of graduates.

Teaching innovation

UVic-UCC has an Education Innovation and Training Centre (CIFE) (in Spanish) to promote lifelong learning of university teaching staff, tutorial planning, and the development of innovation to improve teaching quality.

Social and territorial commitment

UVic is a local university, committed to the economic and social development of the surrounding region and Catalonia (in Spanish), through its teaching, research and knowledge transfer activity, imbued with a distinctive European and international vocation.

Ethical code

At UVic-UCC and Balmes University Foundation, ethical behavior is based on three values: individual commitment, impartiality, and scientific truth. The University’s Ethical Code (in Spanish) is comprised of twelve general principles designed to raise people’s awareness of the need for ethical behavior and of their responsibilities as members of the UVic-UCC community and Balmes University Foundation.

University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia centers

  • Doctoral College
  • Faculty of Business and Communication Studies
  • Faculty of Education, Translation and Humanities
  • Faculty of Health Sciences and Welfare
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Health Sciences at Manresa (federated centre)
  • Faculty of Medicine (federated centre)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences at Manresa (federated centre)
  • BAU. Design College (affiliate centre)
  • EADA, School of Management and Administration (affiliate centre)
  • ESERP - The Barcelona School of Business and Social Science (affiliate centre)
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Universitat de Vic

For international students who wish to spend one or two semesters in Barcelona, the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia offers Spanish courses that can be ... [+]

For international students who wish to spend one or two semesters in Barcelona, the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia offers Spanish courses that can be combined with other elective courses in English in the fields of business, design, and innovation. On completion, students receive a UVic-UCC certificate with academic credits that their home university may recognize. These courses are strongly oriented towards practice but they also cover the basic theory needed to work on real case studies. Professionals from the world of business and design are invited to some of the course sessions.

The program includes a variety of courses from which students can choose (a minimum of two) to design their own pathway.... [-]

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