Butler Valet School


All courses take place at Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire, one of Southern England’s finest country houses.

You couldn’t ask for a better environment to learn your butling skills. A number of scenes from the popular TV series Downton Abbey were filmed here, and you will feel like you are rubbing shoulders with those characters as you learn how to master all the contemporary skills of a modern butler.

"Built in 1722, Ditchley Park presents a slice of perfectly preserved English history. It’s a gorgeous, timeless place. You wouldn’t believe the beauty of it unless you see it with your own eyes."
— Damien McMorran, Historian

Its comfort and excellent facilities make it the perfect background in which to learn everything necessary to become a first class butler or valet. The aim of the school is to elevate standards and instruct new trainee butlers on how to carry out their duties with confidence, passion and flair.



90 Church Road, Long Hanborough
OX29 8JF Witney, England, United Kingdom