Fine Arts College


At Fine Arts College, we always aim to find something exceptional in our students – by giving them the freedom to learn. We encourage a community atmosphere in which students’ talents and ambitions are supported. We also provide a real and unique bridge between school and university.

Most students at Fine Arts College come to us looking for a private college environment that will help them to grow academically and creatively. Many have found that other schools’ approaches to work are too prescriptive and rigid, which can be counterproductive and stifling for many students.

The College has won numerous national awards from the Good Schools Guide, including the Award for Excellence for Boys taking Media/Film/TV studies; the Award for Excellence for Girls taking Art and Design and Photography; and Best Independent School for Boys for Art and Design Photography. These achievements are the product of our collaborative fine arts school ethos, in which everyone is encouraged to pursue their passion and develop their talents.



41 - 43 Englands Lane
NW3 4YD London, England, United Kingdom

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