Imperial Education for Excellence


Imperial Education for Excellence is a privately owned company specialising in educational experience. At Imperial Education for Excellence, we are in the business of ensuring world-class educational tours in the UK. We offer a variety of educational packages, from educational trips, masterclass, industry workshops and study tours for schools, colleges and universities to corporate and professional boot camps. Educational Tours are available for local and international clients alike.

Whether you’re a student aiming to discover Oxford’s hideaways, or a corporate professional attending a world-renowned tradeshow in the heart of London, IEFE provides the resources to help you discover, learn and make the most out of your visit to the UK. With over twenty years of experience in study abroad and luxury travel services between us, we employ the finest talent and tailor each package to the individual. Our London-based team will lead you every step of the way, from airport pickup to guided tours around Britain’s premier literary, artistic, business-focused, and cultural sites. Imperial Education for Excellence is a formally registered company in England and Wales.



34 Chalk Farm Rd
NW1 8AJ London, England, United Kingdom