Leiths School of Food and Wine


Leiths School of Food and Wine has an international reputation as a first class cookery school and has trained TV chefs including Lorraine Pascale, Gizzi Erskine, and Matt Tebutt, produced Michelin-star chefs including Joe Mercer-Nairn (Medlar) and Matt Christmas (Chez Bruce), well-known food writers including Diana Henry, Xanthe Clay and Lulu Grimes and food producers such as Alan Rosenthal, owner of stewed! and Camilla Stephens of Higgidy Pies.

7 Reasons To Learn At Leiths School of Food and Wine


Reason one

Our courses are never dumbed down. Here at Leiths, we have a strong belief in the importance of solid cooking skills. We will help you master techniques you will use for a lifetime.


Reason two

On the other hand, we are the opposite of stuffy. From Street Food to Peruvian cuisine, we’re continually out and about, exploring new food trends and incorporating them into our course programme.


Reason three

Our kitchens are the business. Enjoy the experience of learning in professional style kitchens with top-of-the-range equipment, from Proware copper pans to Magimix blenders.


Reason four

Our ingredients are fresh, thoughtfully sourced and the very best quality.


Reason five

We teach the individual. On our diploma course, there will be no chef shouting at the class, you will follow an individual learning plan. This philosophy extends to our enthusiast classes, where we take pleasure in meeting individuals and solving their conundrums!


Reason six

Our teachers are wonderful. People write this on our feedback forms time and time again. Whether you experience Nathan Outlaw’s expert knowledge or Angela Malik’s unbridled enthusiasm, you will be entertained, challenged and supported.


Reason seven

We’re known as the best and you’ll find our graduates in the top position rights across the food industry. They write for food magazines, contribute to cookery shows, lead restaurant teams and launch food companies. We’re incredibly proud of them – and they often offer great opportunities to our students.



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