Mobility Oil & Gas Limited


Service Providers to the Oil and Gas Industry


Based in London, Mobility Oil and Gas provides comprehensive services to the global oil and gas industry in the areas of Petroleum Engineering Consultancy and Training.

We are accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider.

Our team of Consultants with years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry will equip you to become more effective in meeting your business objectives. Our Oil and Gas consultancy with technical specialists understand the Petroleum industry and provide solutions for Exploration and Production activities. Our Consultants provide tailored consultancy services and deliver training courses that meet the challenges of the Oil and Gas industry in the 21st century.

As Oil and Gas Training Providers, our Petroleum industry short courses are targeted at developing employees’ knowledge, skills and competencies. We work with organisations to understand their training requirements, develop and implement a training plan to bridge the gap.

Unique professional service

Our team of consultants and staff understand the need to deliver world-class value at competitive prices. We work hard to ensure that we exceed your expectation and create value for your organisation every time.

Innovative solutions

We propose innovative solutions where we think they align with your organisational strategy, but we always prioritise your requirements. Our expert team of consultants have the experience to help you define the problem areas and work with you to provide the right solutions.

Comprehensive service portfolio

We provide consultancy services in the Oil and Gas industry developing solutions to support Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations. Our Oil and Gas professional short courses are designed for staff training to ensure continuous performance and development as they meet the everyday challenges of the Petroleum industry. As oil and gas procurement is one of our core businesses, we source for equipment used in the Oil and Gas industry both for national and commercial oil companies.



London Office
Suite 17705
Lower Ground Floor
145-157 St John Street

London, England, United Kingdom


Leeds Office
Enterprise House
Education Road

Leeds, England, United Kingdom