Oxford Sixth Form College


Established in 1988, Oxford Sixth Form College is one of the UK’s leading independent sixth form colleges for students aged 15-19. Formerly named Oxford Tutorial College, we sustain the tutorial tradition through an average class size of three students and through having no more than six students in an A-Level class. We offer greater flexibility than mainstream schools with over 30 subjects on offer across A-Level, GCSE and BTEC. For students looking to improve on their results, we also offer specialised, examination board specific, A-Level retake programmes that provide the right environment for you to have the opportunity to improve your results and secure a place at a top university.

We are committed to not only providing you with expert tuition but also providing you with the support you need to reach your potential from the moment you make your application.


An enriching academic environment in central Oxford, for students of all abilities


Ask us about our A-Level programmes! We offer a range of flexibility, including the traditional Two Year A-Level, a Five Term A-Level, One Year, or retakes.

Whatever the outcome of your results this year, we have options for you.

NCUK International Foundation Year

Oxford Sixth Form College has partnered with NCUK to offer the International Foundation Year (IFY), a one year alternative to A-Levels for international students, with guaranteed access to university. Choose from 4 different pathways:

  • IFY Medical Pathway
  • IFY Business Pathway
  • IFY Science Pathway
  • IFY Engineering Pathway

Academic Preparation Programme

APP is the perfect gateway programme to settle international students into the UK education system and prepare them for the next stage of their academic career.

Start any Monday of the academic year

Scholarship Opportunities

Do you already know which direction you want your career to take? We’re offering scholarships of up to 40% off tuition fees, to students interested in pursuing specific career paths.

A City of Dreaming Spires

Oxford Sixth Form College is located in the heart of the city, just a few steps from the ancient university, and historical museums such as the Ashmolean.

A Tailored Education

Oxford Sixth Form College offers three programmes of study: A-Level, BTEC and GCSE, for the first time and retake students and revision options for students that require extra support with their studies. With over 30 subjects to choose from, for ages 15-19: whatever your interests, aptitudes or language level, we will have a course to suit you.

Enriching Academic Environment

Oxford Sixth Form College offers an exceptional tutorial style education to prepare students for success in examinations and secure excellent university places. A-Level classes consist of no more than six students and the average class size is three. Our small class sizes enable students to discuss their work and exchange ideas; review their answers or theories and explore ideas that arise in discussion.


Principal's Welcome

Our students speak of the college environment as being a warm, friendly and very welcoming place. Whether in the classroom at college or in our boarding houses, all staff provide wonderful guidance and support to ensure students enjoy their time with us and go on to help achieve their personal and academic goals.

Alongside two-year A-Levels, we offer programmes that are an alternative to the mainstream of education in the U.K. These programmes include BTEC Business, BTEC Business Plus where students study an A-level alongside their BTEC Business course and a one-year A-level programme.

Our students progress to a wide range of degree programmes at top U.K. universities including business management and economics; mathematics, engineering and computer science; medicine and law; art and creative media; history and international relations.

Our location in the very heart of the city of Oxford, with neighbours including University of Oxford colleges Oriel and Christchurch, is steeped in academic history and one that serves to inspire our students and us to build a successful future.

I do hope that you decide to join us and look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Mark Love (Principal) BEd PGCLME

Learning Environment

Our Ethos

The College offers an approach quite different from that of a traditional school. The key to the Oxford Sixth Form College learning environment is that we aim to provide an alternative to the mainstream. This means that in addition to offering a mainstream, academic, two-year A-Level programme, we provide A-Level, BTEC and GCSE programmes of study that in terms of their length, start dates and combination of academic and vocational subjects are rarely available in mainstream independent schools. We are very much a college preparing young people for the responsibilities of life at university and beyond rather than a school. The culture of the College is one that encourages hard work and a growing sense of responsibility in a supportive environment. From the first meeting with a student at an admissions interview to identify their goals and motivation to providing clear, constructive support, including individual learning plans, during their time with us, we treat each of our students as an individual.

Teaching Method

Our teaching approach is refreshingly interactive and informal. The support provided by subject tutors is thoughtful and creative, focusing specifically on individual learning styles. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the learning process at every stage.

Course material is taught in a clear and direct way, with careful review and continual practice of previous examination questions. Tutors ensure that students develop a good set of notes and encourage systematic revision. Time is also allowed for an overall subject review as the examinations approach, in order to check to understand and enable further exam practice.

Teaching Groups

A key part of the Oxford Sixth Form College learning environment is that an active learning style is encouraged and each student may be asked to present material and exchange views with others. This is followed by guidance from the teacher on the interpretation, manipulation and analysis of the material. Preparation is required.

Teaching groups consist of no more than six students in A-Level groups and no more than ten students in the other programmes we offer. This small group size enables a close discussion of each topic whilst still allowing a high degree of personal attention.


History of Oxford Sixth Form College

For nearly 30 years, Oxford Sixth Form College has provided quality education, effective exam preparation and university entry support to both UK and international students.

Our Purpose

The College was originally established to help students achieve results by teaching them in small groups and tutorials – and our popular Easter Revision Courses have been a part of the College from the very beginning. The success of this approach means that individual tuition and focused exam preparation both remain a central part of our teaching.

Our History

Below is a timeline of our major developments over the last 30 years:

1988: The Director of Studies of Wolsey Hall College, Oxford sets up Wolsey Hall Tutorial College in Gloucester Green to focus on A-Level retake courses and Easter revision strategies. The initial intake is 40 domestic students.

1990s: The College moves to King Edward Street and is renamed Oxford Tutorial College. At this time, the College also begins to take on international students.

2007: The College annexe and Alfred Street are added to the campus in order to accommodate the growing number of students.

2010: Oxford Tutorial College changes ownership and is now a part of the Oxford International Education Group.

2017: Oxford Tutorial College accommodates around 200 students with an emphasis on quality teaching and support, providing students with a variety of subjects and flexible start dates.

2019: The College is renamed Oxford Sixth Form College to reflect the evolution of its offering.

Living in Oxford

Oxford University is ranked among the best in the world and was placed 6th globally by the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017. In recent centuries, the University has educated 28 Nobel Prize winners, 27 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, and notable writers such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Interestingly, Oxford has also been the filming location for various films such as “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” and TV series such as “Inspector Morse”.

City Centre

The centre of Oxford is small enough to explore on foot and within easy walking distance of the bus and railway stations. Oxford is a youthful and cosmopolitan city with plenty to see and do. There are dozens of historic and iconic buildings, including the Bodleian Libraries, Ashmolean Museum, Sheldonian Theatre, the cathedral and the colleges. You can enjoy its bookshops, galleries and museums at your leisure-and even hire a punt or rowing boat over the river that flows through the city.

In the city centre, you will find lots of shops, cafés, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, pubs and clubs. There are plenty of green spaces too: riverside walks, England’s oldest botanic garden, the University Parks and college gardens.

While Oxford provides rich opportunities for joining student clubs and societies, the academic life of the College is enhanced by a varied range of extra-curricular activities, including cultural visits, music and sports.



12 King Edward Street
OX1 4HT Oxford, England, United Kingdom