Portsmouth College


Our unique structure of the day

  • A carefully designed timetable with no 'trapped time' & space for work experience and volunteering opportunities
  • Close links with major local employers & voluntary sector organisations
  • Support to help students set up & run small business

Our leading E6 programme

The E6 programme at Portsmouth College is a six strand initiative made of courses that focus on improving your chances of securing jobs, apprenticeships and higher education places by taking part in one or more of the following:

Enterprise (in partnership with UNLOC)

Explore ideas for creating your own business and get support in making this a reality. Delivered through our partner organisation, Unloc, students will be offered a three stage pathway (Kindling, Spark and Ignite) throughout the year. This phased programme is designed to develop an underpinning knowledge (Kindling), apply the knowledge through college businesses (Spark) and then consolidate the knowledge by setting up a personal enterprise (Ignite). Find out more about Enterprise.


(The P.E.P Talks - Create your PACKAGE, enhance your EMPLOYABILITY, follow your PATHWAYS) Attend a range of talks and support sessions delivered by professionals in topics such as applying for Higher Education, writing a C.V, applying for Apprenticeships, managing your time, getting organised and many more. Find out more about Employability.


Let us help you find a weekly work experience placement in a job area linked to your career aspirations. We are already placing students in a range of settings, such as: the media, the voluntary sector, the sports industry, human resources, the NHS, veterinary surgeries, legal practices and primary schools. Find out more about Experience.


Enhance your experience of College with an extension course. Make new friends, learn new skills and build your confidence as well as your C.V. by taking part in something like: College Magazine, the Combined Cadet Force, First Aid, Duke of Edinburgh, Apple Ambassador, Rock Challenge or our Rock Choir! Find out more about Extension.


Play for a team in our extensive Sports Academy, covering sports such as football, rugby, basketball, netball and badminton. Alternatively, to get some exercise and work on your team building skills, try our fun College Sport Maker activities like dodgeball, futsal, table tennis, volleyball, the gym, street dance and boxercise. Find out more about Exercise.


Portsmouth College is working in partnership with NCS and True Adventure to deliver courses and volunteering opportunities that increase students' understanding and awareness of implementing social change. This strand offers an insight and chance to gain knowledge in Mental Health, Environment, Cultural Awareness and Equality & Diversity.

Our Curious & Creative Learning Strategy

Our curious & creative learning strategy using iPad technology is proving hugely successful and continues to evolve.

First introduced in 2014/15, this initiative is proving highly valuable and is transforming the way students learn at the College. Based exclusively on Apple iPad technology, the project has enhanced students' experience and interaction in the classroom. Staff have received extensive training in the use of this powerful technology and have developed imaginative delivery techniques to engage students in a variety of ways.

iPads are extensively used by staff and students at Portsmouth College and add many benefits to everyday learning:

  • Transforming the way students learn
  • Independent research made easy
  • Completion and submission of work is quicker and easier
  • Sharing ideas and collaborating in lessons is simple
  • Keeping organised has never been more straightforward
  • Creativity and innovation using multiple apps is an ideal way to enhance your digital skills

Students have access to:

  • Thousands of educational apps, combining text, video and audio in every subject and covering every teaching and learning style
  • Downloadable iBooks, many of them free – an entire library at your fingertips
  • Google classroom for accessing class work and resources online
  • Integrated and interactive systems in every classroom
  • One-to-one teacher-student communication, assessment and feedback
  • iPad screen 'mirroring' to the whiteboard
  • Reliable, comprehensive and simultaneous Wi-Fi connections in all areas of the campus

Your iPad can be a science lab, a research station, a history archive, a music studio, a video editing suite, an art canvas, a language lab, an interactive maths workshop and more…

New investments in various College systems now allows for reliable, comprehensive and simultaneous Wi-Fi connections in all areas of the campus.

For the year ahead, developments of our creative learning programme in daily College life continue to go from strength to strength in a future where digital literacy is vital. The scheme will now offer some additional flexibility, allowing students to bring their own iPad if they wish.



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