Welcome to d'Overbroeck's International School in Oxford

d’Overbroeck’s welcomes you to a school like no other. At our school, you will have the chance to question, explore, create, and develop your own interests. Coming to study in the UK is an exciting challenge, and we will help make your first steps as successful and happy as possible. d’Overbroeck’s is one of the top 100 independent schools in the UK.

Started 40 years ago, d’Overbroeck’s has established itself as one of the UK’s best schools. We have a reputation for inspiring students and making learning enjoyable – while at the same time preparing you for d’Overbroeck’s Sixth Form or other leading private schools and the top UK and international universities.

At d’Overbroeck’s, you will gain the language mastery, academic skills and qualifications for success in your future career. We believe that academic excellence can be achieved without needless formality. Here, you can be yourself, discover your strengths and broaden your horizons. With our guidance, your hard work and determination will pay off.

You will accomplish all this while living in one of the world’s most beautiful centres of learning – the historic city of Oxford. And whether you choose to board with us or live with one of our host families, your time here will be full of laughter and inspiration. We hope you will visit us and learn more about becoming part of our special community. If you do choose d’Overbroeck’s, we believe you will find your time with us both enjoyable and highly rewarding.

Ted McGrath

Head of d’Overbroeck’s International School


Why choose d’Overbroeck’s International School?

For international students, d’Overbroeck’s provides a unique path to success in their future studies and careers.

Here are a few reasons why:

The perfect bridge

d’Overbroeck’s is the perfect bridge to other leading schools in the UK, setting you on the path to a top university and rewarding career.

Beautiful location

Our location in Oxford means you will live in one of the most desirable and interesting areas of England – with close proximity to London.

Small classes

Classes have a maximum of 11 students. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Outstanding teaching

The teaching at d’Overbroeck’s is outstanding, encompassing critical thinking, multidisciplinary approaches, creative skills, and awareness of global contexts. Many of the teachers have studied abroad themselves.

Improved English

Students improve their academic English through their studies as well as gain important study skills, which will equip them to be successful in their further studies.

Excellent IGCSE results

d’Overbroeck’s is renowned for its excellent IGCSE results – meaning you will have a wide range of options when you leave school.

Comfortable learning environment

Our separate international school means that you learn alongside students at the same stage, gaining confidence and sharing ideas without worrying about the fear of mistakes.

A full British experience

International students at d’Overbroeck’s have opportunities to mix with British students – through leisure activities, clubs and sports.

Experience of a lifetime

For students who want to return home to complete their pre-University schooling, the International School is an excellent short term academic and cultural experience.

Living in Oxford

Live and study in Oxford – the beautiful, historic city of dreaming spires.

d’Overbroeck’s offers you the chance to study in one of the world’s most famous centres of learning.

Oxford is home to one of the oldest universities in the world and is known for its breathtaking, classically inspired architecture. The colleges of Oxford University date from as early as the 13th century – and each has its own distinctive architectural beauty, artistic treasures, and atmosphere.

Living in Oxford is an exciting experience, and we will help you enjoy the city as fully as possible. As a d’Overbroeck’s student, you can browse Oxford’s bookshops, galleries, museums and café culture – or go on a punt with us and float down the River Cherwell.

We encourage you to visit us and see the city. We are confident that you’ll love your time here!


Quick Facts

  • Many of Oxford’s 38 colleges were founded in medieval times.
  • Matthew Arnold called Oxford the “city of dreaming spires”, due to the architecture of its world-famous University buildings.
  • Oxford University has educated nearly 30 British Prime Ministers as well as notable writers such as C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.

An education at d’Overbroeck’s

Lessons at d’Overbroeck’s are friendly, curious, collaborative – and specially designed for you.

Our approach to education is specially tailored to the needs of international students. We’ll encourage you to discover your strengths, broaden your horizons and build academic excellence. You will learn key skills such as working in teams with people from all over the world and how to think more critically. You will gain confidence in your own ideas and expressing your views.

Preparation for future study

At d’Overbroeck’s you will study for internationally recognised examinations called IGCSEs. These are very highly regarded qualifications within the UK and aboard, and are taken by students at many leading independent schools.

Our courses prepare you to study either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate in the Sixth Form – either at d’Overbroeck’s or another top British school.

A Levels

A Levels are subject-based qualifications that lead to university or higher study. You can normally study three or more A Level subjects over a period of two years, with a series of examinations at the end to determine your grades.

Most university courses require three A Levels at specified grades and specific combinations of A Levels.

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international qualification that aims to develop inquisitively, knowledgeable young people.

Students study six subjects and must study certain combinations of subjects including Maths, Science, a Humanity and a Language.

Our Approach Involves

Small classes (maximum of 11)

Small learning groups mean every student can be involved in discussions.

Discussion and feedback

You will get the chance to discuss your work with approachable teachers inside and outside of lessons

Collaborative learning

This means you will often be asked to work in pairs or small groups to share ideas and approaches.

Active learning

We think the best way to learn is to apply your knowledge – through problem-solving as well as other practical activities that bring learning to life.

Freedom to ask questions and explore ideas

As everyone is an international student, you can join in without fear of being at a disadvantage.


We are more relaxed than a traditional school. Students do not have to attend chapel or wear a formal school uniform.


Outside the classroom

d’Overbroeck’s isn’t just about lessons – we also organise a range of stimulating trips, activities and social events throughout the year.

Optional outings that complement the academic curriculum are often arranged for evenings and weekends. These include:

  • Visits to Oxford’s theatres, cinemas, galleries or museums
  • Concerts and school productions you can take part in
  • Visits to other cities in the UK
  • Visit lectures at Oxford University
  • Sports matches against other schools
  • A ski trip
  • European school trip
  • An international arts festival

Students are encouraged to take part in the rich cultural life of Oxford, which gives you the opportunity to use English in a variety of real-life contexts. From sporting events to literary festivals, there is always something happening!

Your wellbeing

Students’ health and welfare is always our number one priority in everything we do.

Coming to a new country is exciting, but can also be a little scary. There are lots of new people and different ways of doing things. However, d’Overbroeck’s is a very friendly place, and we believe you will feel at home quite quickly.

Settling in at d’Overbroeck’s

From the very beginning, we help you settle into your new home. There are social events to help you get to know other students; we will also register you with a doctor and show you how to open a bank account. There will always be someone to ask questions of and provide support if necessary. Your Head of House in boarding will help ensure you are making friends, eating properly, sleeping well, getting exercise and enjoying your leisure time. There is a Deputy Head who is responsible for Pastoral Care who you can talk to with any worries, and you will also be able to contact your family using the school Wi-Fi.

Taking care of you

The school is well prepared for any medical issues, with a matron and a medical room where students can receive care. All students can also receive treatment at the local doctor’s surgery in Oxford. In any rare case of serious illness, Oxford has some of the best hospitals in the world.


Talking to each other is an important part of life at d’Overbroeck’s. You will find that you receive lots of information about how well you are doing and how you can improve. Good communication between students, teachers and staff means that everyone can cooperate and can work towards their goals.

We will also make sure your parent or guardian is kept informed of your progress, with five reports a year and additional contact by phone or email. Parents can always contact Ted, the Head of the International School, to discuss any problems, and can visit whenever they wish. We also hope they will be able to attend some of our school events – and see you perform or compete!



333 Banbury Road
OX2 7PL Oxford, England, United Kingdom