SuperSkilz: Who are we?

SuperSkilz is a provider of online skills training. Our certification areas cover CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, EC-Council, EMC2, VMware, Adobe, SAP, and PMI. Certification courses lead to jobs in IT Security, IT Forensic Investigation, Security Analysis, Database Development, Database Administration, Network Engineering, Graphic Design, Penetration Testing, Data Centre Management, Project Management, Technical Administration, Systems Administration, Microsoft Office specialisms, IT Management, and more.

Our mission is quite simple... to change the lives of ordinary people by helping them to gain extraordinary skills that empower them.

We're a little different from other training providers. We don’t see skills in the conventional way, but rather as superpowers that can change the lives for not only the people that have them but for those around them.

In our eyes, a mum who's chosen to enhance her skills to get a better job and give her children a better quality of life is a superhero. She's also a superhero to her kids, family and friends.

At SuperSkilz we provide ordinary people with the means to become super.

So what are you waiting for? Get some SuperSkilz... change your life... become a superhero!


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133 Houndsditch

EC3A 7BX UK Online, United Kingdom


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