Welcome to Amberton University, a private institution that offers a variety of bachelor's and master's programs -- specializing in Business Administration, Counseling, Professional Development, Human Resources & Training, Human Relations & Business, and Applied Studies. Our flexible schedule of lecture and online courses is uniquely suited for working adults. Amberton University is recognized as one of the most respected, innovative, and affordable universities in the nation.

Today, Amberton University's campus is located on a five-acre site. The facility is a 60,000 square foot office complex designed to provide a secure, professional environment conducive to adult learning. For those who prefer distance classes, Amberton offers online distance courses that lead to both bachelor's and master's degrees.

Amberton University is designed exclusively for the mature, working adult who seeks to benefit from the richness of a relevant, educational experience. The adult who attends Amberton University will find the atmosphere similar to that of professional schools such as law, medicine, engineering. At Amberton University, the student is exposed to a diverse group of working adults who share interests and ideas. Amberton University's desire is to equip its students with the practical knowledge, tools, and character necessary to cope effectively with the situations and challenges that lie ahead. In short, Amberton University educates for lifelong learning.

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The Certificate of Completion in Project Management offers students a comprehensive review of project management concepts and techniques. ... [+]

The Certificate of Completion in Project Management offers students a comprehensive review of project management concepts and techniques through the four courses outlined below. After the completion of the four courses, students will not only be prepared for the Project Management Profession certification exam, but will also have completed 12 hours of college credit toward a degree. Courses can be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level. In order to enroll, students must meet Amberton University\'s general admission requirements.Amberton University offers four ten-week sessions (Summer, Fall, Winter, & Spring). Each course is 3 credit hours and may be offered during the week (one meeting per week beginning at 6:30pm for 10 weeks) and/or on Saturday (every other Saturday for five meetings from 8:00am-12:00noon). Tuition is $600 per course.MGT4501/5501Project Scope & Quality ManagementThe course presents an overview of project management and the importance to the organization. The integration of project management principles is studied, as well as project scope management and project quality management.MGT4502/5502Project Cost & Contract ProcurementThe course covers a broad range of cost related uses, ranging from basic budgeting to cost estimating to capital budgeting. It also covers basic contract and procurement principles. The course prepares student for Scheduling & Cost Controls and Contracting for Project Managers portion of the Project Management Certification test.MGT4503/5503Project Risk & Time ManagementThe course presents risk and time management concepts as stepwise processes to manage risk and uncertainty in order to improve the likelihood of a project’s successful and timely completion. The student will... [-]

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September 2019
Full time
10 months
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