Bucks County Community College


Bucks County Community College was founded in 1964 in response to a need for a public two-year collegiate institution to serve graduates of the County's high schools and other citizens of Bucks County who would benefit from an experience in higher education.

The initial proposal for a Community College was developed and presented to the public in 1963 by the then Office of Bucks County Superintendent of Schools. Subsequently, the Bucks County School Directors Association urged the Bucks County Board of Commissioners in 1964 to become the sponsor for the proposed school under the provisions of Act 484 (the Community College Act).

The Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed to sponsor the college in a legal resolution adopted June 22, 1964. The Pennsylvania State Board of Education approved the proposal in September, and a 15-member Bucks County Community College Board of Trustees was appointed October 5, 1964, by the County Commissioners.


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