Cecil College


Cecil College is an inclusive, open-access college committed to academic excellence and service to the greater region. The College provides a supportive learning environment to a diverse body of students as they build the skills and knowledge to achieve academic success, prepare to transfer, and enter the workforce. Further, Cecil College fosters intellectual, professional, and personal development through lifelong learning opportunities, the arts, and community engagement.

Our numerous degree and certificate offerings anticipate and meet the dynamic intellectual, cultural and economic development challenges of Cecil County and the surrounding region. Through our support services and a technologically enriched learning environment, Cecil College strives to empower each learner with the skills, knowledge and values needed for college preparation, transfer to four-year colleges and universities, workforce entry or advancement, and personal enrichment.

It is our goal to be the premier provider for learning throughout the region.


North East

Seahawk Drive,1
21901 North East, Maryland, USA

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