Epic Bible College


The Philosophy of Education at EPIC Bible College is based upon the premise that God is the source of all truth; that the Holy Spirit is the Leader and Guide into all truth; that man, as created in the image of God, may gain knowledge and understanding of spiritual and physical realities through pursuit of truth. Further, God has revealed Himself in general revelation through the physical, created world and in special revelation through the person of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, the Bible.

Man is privileged to pursue truth and knowledge and to gain understanding, on the basis that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and that understanding truth leads to true life and liberty (Prov. 9:10). Man is able to experience God, have a relationship with God and draw near to God, in part, by gaining understanding of God’s work in the person of Jesus Christ and God’s work in the created universe. However, the pursuit of truth, knowledge and understanding apart from God is incomplete and, eventually, leads to emptiness and spiritual death.



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