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Today the United States is experiencing a climate of anger and negativity toward many things including the government, police, wealthy, poor, people of color, people of various religions, gay and lesbian people, transgender people and many others who make up our American society. While it would be wrong to blame the recent presidential election process for creating this atmosphere, there is evidence to suggest that it magnified these feelings among certain Americans and has polarized our country, communities and even families. It has provided some with a sense of legitimacy to discriminate against those who are not the same color, religion, sexuality or for any other reason.

We at Fulton-Montgomery Community College do not subscribe to this culture of anger and negativity. We believe that the diversity of people, religions and ideas that is the composite of United States is what makes us great. We welcome discussions with people from various backgrounds and work to include their thoughts and ideas into the greater understanding of our nation and world. While we support the free expression of ideas, we hold sacred that those expressions be founded in fact and research not hyperbole and rhetoric. As often stated by former Senator Patrick Moynihan, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; they are not entitled to their own facts.”

We wish to assure all of our citizens and visitors that they are welcome at FM. We will work to insure that all are safe to express their ideas, practice their faith, form relationships with whomever is agreeable and contribute positively to our campus community. On our campus, everyone matters and we will not succumb to the negativity that is rampant across our nation and prevalent in the media.



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