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Hollywood College provides instruction in all aspects of English, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. New students are given a placement test upon arrival and are then placed into their correct proficiency level: Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, or Advanced. Students will progress through levels based on various assessments, including exams, demonstration of skills during class, and homework assignments. Each level consists of 20-30 hours per week of teacher-led instruction.

Students at Hollywood College can guide their education by our quarterly Instructor and Classroom Evaluations. These evaluations allow students to say how they would like the instructor to structure their classroom experience.

Hollywood College programs meet the needs of anyone who wants to improve his or her English. Those who wish to study at a university or college following their education at Hollywood College can take TOEFL Program to improve students’ TOEFL exam scores. Those who wish to improve their English for personal or professional reasons will benefit from the General English track of the Intensive English program. Those who have less time for study can take our Standard English Program offered in both a morning session and an afternoon session.

The Hollywood College curriculum is refreshed and improved regularly through suggestions and feedback from our most experienced instructors, our students, and research about the best and most successful techniques and curriculum adaptations.

All Hollywood College instructors are professional educators with experience in English Language Instruction. Our instructors are all highly qualified, and the majority have overseas teaching experience.


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