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Monroe County Community College is a public, two-year institution supported by tax monies from Monroe County, educational funds from the state of Michigan and student tuition. The Monroe County Community College District was formed on June 29, 1964, by the electors of Monroe County. On July 3, 1964, the district was given statutory authority under the provisions of Michigan Act 188 of the Public Acts of 1955 to function as a community college. The 210-acre Main Campus is centrally located in Monroe County with easy access to Detroit and Toledo. The Whitman Center in Bedford Township near the Michigan-Ohio border offers a wide selection of courses.

In 1964, Monroe County Community College brought something to Monroe County that had not existed before – the opportunity to obtain a college education locally.

Since then, nearly everything has changed – the things that concern us, what we talk about, our lifestyles, styles in general, what makes headlines, what doesn’t. Our place in time is moving so rapidly that we often don’t stop to think about how far we have come and where we are headed. In viewing our journey so far – through all the changes – Monroe County Community College has remained a constant within the community, evolving with the times to adapt to changing needs and continuing a record of excellence and service.


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