Pikes Peak Community College


You come to Pikes Peak Community College wanting more. More than learning a skill. More than earning a degree or certificate. You come dreaming of a better life.

We take that charge very seriously. To help you get there, we start by reaching you where you are – physically, educationally, financially.

Three campuses and additional learning centres throughout Colorado Springs and many online options, along with day and evening classes, make Pikes Peak Community College adaptable to just about any lifestyle.

Meeting you where you also mean keeping within your budget. With tuition less than half of our university counterparts’ and millions of dollars in aid and scholarships available, Pikes Peak Community College should prove well within your financial reach.

Your specific path through Pikes Peak depends on your interests. Our advisors and online tools can help you navigate our 150-plus degrees and certificate programs, turning your passions into something tangible, something extraordinary: a fulfilling and rewarding career.

We have as many dreams here as we do students, and they come in every variety: high school grads, veterans, single moms, factory workers, jocks, artists, geeks, book worms and retirees from every race, ethnicity and age. Together, we create a supportive learning environment and a sense of belonging for those who want to build a better future while staying close to home and for travellers on their way from here to everywhere.


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80906 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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