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Our name defines us. We are a college committed to theological higher education, grounded in and governed by the Bible, and rooted in the past while reaching forward for a new Reformation.

R.C. Sproul, our founder, had a distinct and clear vision for RBC. Infidelity to that vision, we provide a uniquely integrated and comprehensive program of biblical and theological studies. Additionally, we emphasize the great works of literature, history, and philosophy. We also seek to equip our students to be compelling communicators in an age when truth, goodness, and beauty are compromised, cheapened, and even denied.

At RBC, we are an intentionally small community of dedicated mentors and students because we believe that theological education is discipleship. The faculty and staff here at RBC are invested in the lives of our students and seek to see them grow in the knowledge of God and His holiness. As I interact with students, I am profoundly grateful for their commitment to God and deeply impressed with their sense of calling. We count it a privilege to play this role in their education.


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32771 Sanford, Florida, USA

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