Robeson Community College


Robeson Community College (RCC) provides opportunities for academic, technical, and life-long learning in a collaborative culture dedicated to inquiry, results, and excellence. Robeson Community College will be recognized for transforming lives through excellence in teaching, learning, and service by empowering individuals to achieve personal and professional goals.

The commitment of RCC to its students and the citizenry of Robeson County was seen with the excellent reports of various auditing agencies in the state. There are currently 189 carefully selected full-time RCC employees who now serve RCC, which represents a figure of almost 30 times as many as when the College first opened its doors in 1965 with six full-time employees. Another 292 part-time personnel teach and provide services to the student body on an annual basis.



Fayetteville Road,5160
28360 Lumberton, North Carolina, USA

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